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The selection of junction box depends mainly on current of modules. One is the peak operating current and short circuit current is the other one.

The indicators of two aspects are enough to select the junction box for module factory.

The first aspect is the junction temperature test results of diode`s rated current. The diode`s junction temperature is too high, which will cause damage of diode itself and decrease of lifespan. And high temperature for too long a time endangers module`s security. For example, Too high temperature may cause looseness of TPT back board.

The second aspect focuses on the integral resistance of the junction box, because it relates to power dissipation. The greater the resistance is, the greater is power dissipation of box.

The main function of diode is to reduce the damage due to the effects of hot spots of solar cells and still could effectively reduce the PN temperature.

The choice of diode should pay attention to the following aspects and parameter :
1、small pressure drop, fast heat emission, small size, high strength and low heat resistance.
2、bear high temperature when an electric current passes through it
3、maximum rectifying power supply
4、the highest reverse working voltage
5、reverse current
6、the highest working frequency

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